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"Going Galt"

Atlaswillshrug I shudder to respond to anything Michelle Malina writes because she, like Ann Coulter, spews meaningless vile basically uninformed by anything. Malkin more or less amounts to a political gossip columnist, but all this being said I can't help but respond to a recent post she made titled "Going Galt."

Apparently at these meaningless "tea parties" hosted by disgruntled conservatives several references have been made to Ayn Rand's windbag of a novel "Atlas Shrugged."

I wonder if any of these people have read the book and/or understand Rand's philosophy. By reading some of the quotes included in Malkin's post I am inclined to say, no they haven't read it:

Why kill yourself working if you're going to give it all away to people who aren't working as hard?

The motivation for a lot of people like me -- dentists, entrepreneurs, lawyers -- is that the more you work the more money you make," said Poczatek. "But if I'm going to be working just to give it back to the government -- it's de-motivating and demoralizing.

It's almost obvious that they haven't read Rand, nor do they understand capitalism as presented by Adam Smith (who was for a progressive taxation system weighing the necessities of the poor as more important and vital to a society than the luxuries of the well to do).

I, unfortunately, have read the entire thing, including the slogging 100 page philosophical treatise snuck in at the climax. In the book, which clocks in at well over 1000 pages in it's unabridged version, John Galt leads an entrepreneur revolution that cripples society. Without these selfish and self serving "producers" society, which apparently just leeches from these remarkable men, can not survive. It helps that Galt has found a way to produce power by drawing energy from the kinetic power of the air (or something like that, the details or fuzzy, but suffice to say it's energy from basically nothing and has no real scientific basis).

The book, poorly plotted and poorly, if accessibly, written, sets up straw men to of course be toppled down by Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. On the face I can see how certain basic tenents of Objectivism can appeal to those who want to keep all of what they consider theirs. But I challenge any of these people to really delve deep into her philosophy.

At this point in the post I am tempted to delve into Objectivism but it's too frustrating and I can't. Let's just say this: She credits both Aristotle and Nietzche as influences but her philosophy neither takes the time to properly define the terms she uses nor does it carry its postulations to their logical end which is the darkness that Nietzche finds. She piggybacks off lay person definitions of words like "value" and "life" and leaves her thoughts at surface value. And, I'll just say, Greenspan was a part of her "collective" and he did a wonderful job...

And what is more, Malkin, who in the name of Christianity often demonizes the nation Islam, does not seem to care (or more likely, does not seem to notice) that everything in Objectivism flies directly in the face of Christianity. Now, if you're not Christian this would not be a bother, but it would be interesting poll of those attending these tea parties and lighting up the blogosphere with comments like those above and see how many would profess to be Christians.

These people like to pick and choose. They pick what elements of capitalism they like and what parts of the Bible they'll listen to and then inflict upon others. And if something comes close to their money they roundly reject it.

If it's what they really want, let us allow society to fail and we'll see how much money they can make. Go ahead pull yourself out, but don't forget to turn off your water, electricity, cable and cancel your mail. Oh, and don't send your child to school and please don't drive on the roads.

...Sorry it's been a bad day.


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